Training for spacewalk at Johnson Space Center

Water survival training

STS-37 spacewalk with Gamma Ray Observatory and Earth in the background

After successful repair of Gamma Ray Observatory on STS-37


Photographing Earth with Hasselblad camera and 250 mm lens on STS-59

Jay and Vern Estes hold Estes Industries model rockets Jay carried into space. Jay’s interest in model rocketry began in 1962. This photo was taken in July 2000 at the National Association of Rocketry’s annual championships.

Jay is an advanced-class amateur radio operator with license N5QWL. He operated ham radio from orbit on all four of his missions. In this STS-47 photo, he is speaking with school students from the flight deck of Endeavour.

The STS-79 crew, commanded by United States Navy Captain William Readdy (third from left), at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center training for their launch.

Carl Walz and Jay Apt preparing a biology technology experiment aboard Atlantis before transferring it for a 5-month experiment aboard the Russian space station Mir.

Jay photographing Earth with a camera which takes negatives on 4” x 5” film. This is the favorite camera of scientists who study Earth from orbit, since it takes remarkable clear photographs, due to its excellent optics and small vacuum pump which holds the film flat.

The combined crews of Atlantis and Mir in the wardroom of the Russian space station in September, 1996.



No endorsement or promotion of the public programs presented by Jay Apt by the space explorers in these photographs is expressed or implied by the inclusion of this photography here.

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