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What Sort of Audio / Visual Equipment is Needed?

Orbit: This View of Earth

Astronaut and author Dr. Jay Apt takes you on an exciting tour of Earth as viewed through the photography of NASA astronauts from Earth orbit. Geography, natural change, and change to the planet caused by people are all part of this unique view of Earth. Using many of the stunning photographs from the book Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth, Jay Apt shares the experience of looking at Earth in a poetic and emotional way.

For a sample of photos used in this presentation, visit the Earth section of the Photo Gallery and watch Jay’s interview by Bryant Gumble on NBC’s Today show.

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Far Beyond the Blue Sky

A stunning visual presentation of the most recent two decades of human space flight. From the dazzling Hubble photographs to radar images of Earth and Venus, from John Glenn’s return to space to the construction of the International Space Station, your audience will meet the crews and share the experience. If you want an up-to-the-minute report on the wonders being created in Earth orbit, this is the program for you!

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Spacewalking and What’s it Really Like Up There?

What everyone in your audience wants to know! The human side of spaceflight: how astronauts are chosen, training, the night before launch, going to the launch pad, leaving Earth, working and living in space, overcoming problems, doing a spacewalk, and returning to Earth. Jay Apt has done it four times, worked a score of spaceflights from mission control, and seen crews meeting the challenges of training and flying in space. Perfect for both adult and school-age audiences. This is your personal trip into space!

For a sample of photos used in this presentation, visit the Onboard section of the Photo Gallery

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Incredible Speeds, Incredible Heights,
and Beyond - Safely.

The rewards of spaceflight are many, and your audience will see the wonders of space and Earth, huge spacecraft outside our window, and life aboard the Shuttle and Mir. But the road to space has been a rugged and unforgiving one. Project Vanguard, the first spy satellites, Mariner 1, Gemini VII, Apollo, Shuttle, Titan, Mars probes and the Ariane 5 all have lessons to teach those who want to learn from failure to avoid repeating it. This program is geared toward any audience for whom the pursuit of excellence is a driving technical goal.

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Launch Your Team into Orbit!

Jay Apt has led teams in universities, NASA’s space program, non-profit organizations, a large research museum, and start-up technology companies. He weaves these experiences together with the joys of succeeding in challenging tasks in an outstanding talk to motivate all the leaders in your organization to do their best and enjoy the ride!

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How NASA Got The Picture - Great Photography in Orbit

By Dr. Jay Apt, astronaut/author and (when his schedule permits) Roger Ressmeyer, photographer/editor

Your hosts are the team that created the blockbuster National Geographic Book, Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth. You will hear about the conception and editing of a mass-market book, about rejection by 20 publishers, and about ultimate success with 600,000 hardcover copies printed in 11 languages.

The story begins when noted magazine photographer Roger Ressmeyer taught Jay Apt about lighting, space photography and editing. Apt and Ressmeyer will show you the results: award-winning pictures from Apt's four space missions, two space walks, and 35 days in orbit. Together, Ressmeyer and Apt used digital technology to scan, color correct, and for the first time reproduce all the details in original NASA flight film. The rest is stunning history, and the quality of NASA photography will never be the same.

This talk covers the exciting adventure of space flight and photography, the secrets behind successful book projects, the convergence of digital imaging technologies, and the awe-inspiring, consciousness-raising power of photographic art.

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What sort of audio and visual equipment is needed?

For all programs, a room which can be made dark
helps the audience enjoy the program.

A/V needs for Jay’s programs are:

  • Digital projector with 1280 or 1024 resolution; Jay will bring his laptop.
  • Screen.
  • Microphone (and a sound system).


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