This Week In Space History

      Sunday July 12th:
            2001 Launch of STS-104 - Lindsay, Hobaugh, Gernhardt, Kavandi, Reilly.
ISS Assembly Flight 7A Quest Airlock.
            2006 Launch of Bigelow Aerospace's Genesis 1 inflatable spacecraft pathfinder on a Dnepr converted ICBM.

      Monday July 13th:
            1969 Luna-15 Launched to Moon. First sample return attempt fails.
            1995 Launch of STS-70 - Henricks, Kregel, Currie, Thomas, Weber. TDRS.
            2001 Quest airlock docks with ISS.

      Tuesday July 14th:
            1965 Mariner-4 Flyby of Mars (6,118 mi). Now in solar orbit.
            1967 Surveyor-4 Launch for moon.
            2009 First SpaceX Falcon 1 commercial launch (Malaysian RazakSat imaging satellite).
            2015 New Horizons flyby of Pluto/Charon system.

      Wednesday July 15th:
            1975 Launch of US Apollo-Soyuz (ASTP) - Stafford, Brand, Slayton.
            1975 Soyuz-19 Leonov and Kubasov launched for rendezvous with Apollo (ASTP).
            2004 Launch of NASA's Aura Earth observation satellite (EOS Chemistry-1).
            2009 Launch of STS-127, Endeavour to ISS with Kibo Exposed Facility and ELM Exposed Section
Polansky, Hurley, Wolf, Cassidy, Payette (Canada), Marshburn and Kopra (joining Expedition 20).
            2012 Launch of Soyuz TMA-05M. Malenchenko, S. Williams (first woman to command ISS), and Hoshide to join ISS Expedition 32/33.

      Thursday July 16th:
            1959 Explorer-S1 Launch. Destroyed by range safety officer.
            1969 Launch of Apollo 11 - Armstrong, Collins, Aldrin
            1986 Soyuz-T-15 Lands. Visited 2 space stations. 125 days.
            2000 Zvezda Launch. Docks with ISS July 26.
            2011 Dawn spacecraft enters orbit around the asteroid Vesta.
            2013 During an ISS EVA, Parmitano's suit developed an interior water leak from the fan pump separator, forcing EVA termination.

      Friday July 17th:
            1967 Surveyor-4 Presumed to have crashed on the Moon. Telemetry ceased 2.5 min from landing.
            1975 Apollo-Soyuz Docking Stafford, Brand & Slayton with Leonov & Kubasov
            1984 Soyuz-T-12 Launch. Dzhanibekov, Savitskaya, Volk. Dock with Salyut-7.
            2006 Landing of Discovery after mission STS-121, on KSC runway 15.

      Saturday July 18th:
            1965 Zond-3 Launch. System check. Relays Moon far-side TV.
            1966 Launch of Gemini 10 - Young, Collins (100 x 168nm, Agena raised apogee to 476 nm, 2 rendezvous, EVA, 46 orbits).
            1980 India orbits its first satellite (Roltini 1).

Space history data compiled by Jay Apt.   Thanks to the following good sources:
TRW Space Log, NASA Glenn Research Center Space Calendar,
Rick von Glahn's CompuServe SpaceForum archive,
Jonathan's Space Report, and

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