This Week In Space History

      Tuesday July 27th:
            1992 Soyuz TM-15 Launch. Solovyov, Avdeyev, Tognini (French). To MIR.

      Wednesday July 28th:
            1964 Launch of Ranger 7, first lunar hard lander to transmit TV pictures.
            1973 Launch of Skylab 3 - Bean, Garriott, Lousma (second crew).
            2017 Launch of Ryazanskiy, Bresnik and Nespoli aboard Soyuz MS-05 to join ISS Expedition 52/53.

      Thursday July 29th:
            1958 Bill P185-568 signed, creating NASA.
            1984 Soyuz-T-12 Lands. Svetlana Savitskaya first woman to perform an EVA.
            1985 Launch of STS 51-F - Fullerton, Bridges, Musgrave, England (W0ORE), Henize, Acton, Bartoe.

      Friday July 30th:
            1971 Apollo-15 Touchdown on Moon by Scott and Irwin.
            1987 Soyuz TM-2 lands. Laveykin (174 days), Viktorenko, Faris.

      Saturday July 31st:
            1964 Ranger-7 Impacts. Success!! 4316 photos. Best resolution 16 inches.
            1969 Mariner-6 Flyby of Mars (2,120 mi). Now in solar orbit.
            1980 Soyuz-37/36 Lands.
            1992 Launch of STS-46 - Shriver, Allen, Hoffman, Ivins, Chang-Diaz, Nicollier, Malerba.
Eureca and Tethered Satellite.
            2009 Landing of Endeavour, after mission STS-127 on KSC runway 15.

      Sunday August 1st:
            1967 Lunar Orbiter-5 Moon orbit. Map for Apollo. Last in series.
            1990 Soyuz TM-10 Launch. Manakov, Strekalov. To MIR.

      Monday August 2nd:
            1958 Atlas first successful launch.
            1991 Launch of STS-43 - Blaha, Baker, Lucid, Low, Adamson. TDRS deployment.
            2020 Return of Hurley and Behnken aboard Crew Dragon "Endeavour" after 64 days. First US crewed splashdown in 45 years.

Space history data compiled by Jay Apt.   Thanks to the following good sources:
TRW Space Log, NASA Glenn Research Center Space Calendar,
Rick von Glahn's CompuServe SpaceForum archive,
Jonathan's Space Report, and

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