This Week In Space History

      Tuesday October 4th:
            1957 Sputnik-1 Launch. Opens the space era.
            1959 Luna-3 Launch. Sends back firstphotos of Lunar farside.
            1965 Luna-7 Launch. Retros fire early. Impact, Ocean of Storms.
            2004 SpaceShip One wins Ansari X-Prize with Brian Binnie flying to 112.1 km.
            2018 Return of Artem'ev, Feustel and Arnold aboard Soyuz MS-08 after 198 days.

      Wednesday October 5th:
            1984 Launch of STS 41-G - Crippen, McBride, Sullivan, Ride, Leestma, Garneau, Scully-Power.
            2021 Launch of Shkaplerov and film crew Shipenko (director) and Peresild (actor) aboard Soyuz MS-19 to ISS.

      Thursday October 6th:
            1975 Explorer-54 Launch. Atmoshpere explorers look at pollution.
            1986 China-19 Launch. Land resources remote sensing satellite.
            1990 Launch of STS-41 - Richards, Cabana, Melnick, Shepherd, Akers.
Deployed Ulyses Solar Polar Probe.

      Friday October 7th:
            1985 STS 51-J Lands at Edwards Air Force Base.
            2002 Launch of STS-112. Ashby, Melroy, Wolf, Sellers, Magnus, Yurchikhin.
ISS Assembly Flight 9A S1 Truss.
            2010 Launch of Soyuz TMA-01M. Kaleri, Skripochka, and S. Kelly to join ISS Expedition 25/26.

      Saturday October 8th:
            1959 First photo taken of the far side of the moon (by Luna 3).

      Sunday October 9th:
            1977 Soyuz-25 Launch. Kovalyonok, Ryumin. Fails to dock with Salyut-6.
            2009 Impact of Centair and LCROSS on Moon; water detection.

      Monday October 10th:
            1946 Radar bounced off the Moon for the first time.
            1964 Explorer-22 Launch. 3rd in series of ionosphere exp. satellites.
            1983 Venera-15 Arrives polar Venus orbit. Radar. Hi-resolution pix of poles.
            1991 Soyuz TM-12 lands. Artsebarski (144 days), Aubakirov, Viehbock.
            2007 Launch of Soyuz TMA-11. Malenchenko and Whitson (Expedition 16) with Al Masrie (Malaysia) to ISS.

Space history data compiled by Jay Apt.   Thanks to the following good sources:
TRW Space Log, NASA Glenn Research Center Space Calendar,
Rick von Glahn's CompuServe SpaceForum archive,
Jonathan's Space Report, and

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