This Week In Space History

      Tuesday February 20th:
            1962 Launch of Mercury 6 - Glenn (100 x 163 nm, 32.5 degrees, 3 orbits) "Friendship 7"
            1999 Soyuz TM-29 Launch. Afanasyev, Bella, Haignere (French).
            2008 Landing of Atlantis, after mission STS-122, on KSC runway 15 with Tani from Expedition 16.

      Wednesday February 21st:
            1963 Telestar-1 electronics knocked out by atomic test.
            1972 Luna-20 Touchdown on Moon.
            1996 Soyuz TM-23 Launch. Onufrienko and Usachyov (Mir-21 crew)
            2008 Destruction of the NRO satellite USA 193 by an SM-3 missile fired from the USS Lake Erie.
            2010 Landing of Endeavour after mission STS-130, on KSC runway 15.

      Thursday February 22nd:
            1972 Luna-20 Samples launched from Moon to Earth.
            1986 Spot-1 Launch. French commercial remote sensing satellite in polar orbit.
            1996 Launch of STS-75 - Allen, Horowitz, Hoffman, Cheli, Nicollier, Chang-Diaz, Guidoni. TSS, USMP.

      Friday February 23rd:

      Saturday February 24th:
            1968 Jocelyn Bell discovers the first Pulsar.
            1969 Launch of Mariner 6. Flew over equator of Mars at 2120 miles on 7/31/69; sent 75 TV pictures.
            2009 Failed launch of NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory
lost due to Taurus XL's payload fairing failure to separate.

      Sunday February 25th:
            1972 Luna-20 Lands in blizzard on Earth with Lunar samples.
            1977 Soyuz-24 Lands. 17 days 16 hrs.
            1979 Soyuz-32/34 Launch. Lyakhov, Ryumin. Dock with Salyut-6.
            1996 Tethered Satellite deployed; tether broke 5 hours later.
            2007 Pluto New Horizons closest approach to Jupiter.
            2011 Launch of STS-133, Discovery to ISS
Lindsey, Boe, Drew, Bowen, Barratt, Stott
Eigth flight of Leonardo logistics module, now permanenty attached to ISS.

      Monday February 26th:

Space history data compiled by Jay Apt.   Thanks to the following good sources:
TRW Space Log, NASA Glenn Research Center Space Calendar,
Rick von Glahn's CompuServe SpaceForum archive,
Jonathan's Space Report, and

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