This Week In Space History

      Tuesday May 11th:
            2009 Launch of STS-125, Atlantis on the fifth Hubble servicing mission.
Altman, Johnson, Grunsfeld, Massimino, Good, M. McArthur, Feustel.
            2013 ISS crew Cassidy and Marshburn preform an EVA on 2 days notice to repair an ammonia leak.

      Wednesday May 12th:

      Thursday May 13th:
            1982 Soyuz-T-5/T-7 Launch. Berezovoi, Lebedev. First docking with Salyut 7.

      Friday May 14th:
            1949 Truman signs bill establishing Cape Canaveral rocket range.
            1973 Skylab-1 (Workshop) Launched on Saturn V booster.
            1981 Soyuz-40 Launch. Popov, Prunariu (Rom). Dock w/ Salyut 6.
            2009 Launch of ESA's Herschel and Planck observatories, on a Ariane 5ECA.
            2010 Launch of STS-132, Atlantis to ISS
Ham, Antonelli, Reisman, Good, Sellers, Bowen
Rassvet research module.
            2013 Return of Hadfield, Romanenko, and Marshburn aboard Soyuz-07M after 145 days.
            2014 Return of Tyurin, Mastracchio and Wakata aboard Soyuz TMA-11M after 188 days.

      Saturday May 15th:
            1958 Sputnik-3 Launch. Studies upper atmosphere, solar radiation.
            1960 Sputnik-4 Launch. Possible Vostok trial.
            1963 Launch of Mercury 9 - Cooper (100 x 166 nm, 32.5 degrees, 22 orbits) "Faith 7"
            1987 First launch of Energiya.
            1997 Launch of STS-84 - Precourt, Collins, Noriega, Clervoy, Lu, Kondakova,
Foale (to Mir), Linenger (return).
            2012 Launch of Soyuz TMA-04M. Padalka, Revin, and Acaba to join ISS Expedition 31/32.

      Sunday May 16th:
            1963 Mercury-9 Splashdown, 22 orbits - one day in space.
            1997 Charlie Precourt docks Atlantis to Mir. 6th docking.
            2011 Launch of STS-134, Endeavour to ISS, carrying AMS antimatter detector
M. Kelly, Johnson, Fincke, Chamitoff, Feustel, Vittori.
Final ISS construction mission (first was in 1998).

      Monday May 17th:

Space history data compiled by Jay Apt.   Thanks to the following good sources:
TRW Space Log, NASA Glenn Research Center Space Calendar,
Rick von Glahn's CompuServe SpaceForum archive,
Jonathan's Space Report, and

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