This Week In Space History

      Sunday August 14th:
            1976 Luna-24 Arrives in Moon orbit. Last Luna sample return.
            1997 Soyuz TM-25 lands. Tsibliev, Lazutkin (Mir-23 crew).

      Monday August 15th:
            1962 Vostok-3 Lands.
            1962 Vostok-4 Lands.

      Tuesday August 16th:
            1960 Parachute jump from 102,800 feet made by Kittinger.

      Wednesday August 17th:
            1877 Phobos, Martian moon, discovered.
            1966 Pioneer-7 Launch. Solar orbit. Monitor Solar activity.
            1970 Venera-7 Launched to Venus.
            1996 Soyuz TM-24 Launch. Korzun, Kaleri, Andre-Deshays (France)
            2010 Wheelock and Caldwell-Dyson EVA sucessfully replaces failed ammonia cooling pump on ISS.

      Thursday August 18th:
            1868 Helium discovered (on the sun).
            1960 Discoverer-14 Launch. Capsule recovered mid-air by plane.
            1985 Suisei Launched to Halley's comet. Japan.

      Friday August 19th:
            1959 Discoverer-6 Launch. Capsule lost.
            1960 Sputnik-5 Launch. 2nd Vostok test.Belka and Strelka(dogs) recovered.
            1979 Soyuz-32/34 Lands. 175 days at Salyut-6.
            1982 Soyuz-T-7/T-5 Launch. Popov,Serebrov,Savitskaya. Docked with Salyut 7.
            1983 China-13 Launch. Possible operational recon sat.

      Saturday August 20th:
            1953 Redstone first test launch.
            1975 Viking-1 Launched to Mars for landing.
            1977 Voyager-2 Launched for Tour of the Outer Planets.

Space history data compiled by Jay Apt.   Thanks to the following good sources:
TRW Space Log, NASA Glenn Research Center Space Calendar,
Rick von Glahn's CompuServe SpaceForum archive,
Jonathan's Space Report, and

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